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How Reliable & "Simple" are DIY Security Systems, Really?

With the endless choices of great DIY projects available today, is it the best choice to make when it comes to your home or business security services?

DIY Home Security
DIY Security Services

We believe you should leave security alarm, automation, & video system installation to the experts, & here's why:

DIY Home Security

Integration Limitations

Is your life made simpler with products like Google Home and Amazon's Alexa? Most DIY security system providers do not offer software that integrates with most home technology systems.

Simple Install = Simple Functions & Capabilities

If it's that easy to install and set up, then it can't possibly offer as many technological innovations, and usually, it doesn't. Security systems that are installed by experts have expert capabilities. And although they may have simple end-user functions, the experience required to install these modern functions cannot be compared to DIY installations.

Not to mention...just because the DIY system advertisements make installation and setup appear quick and hassle-free, the process is rarely that simple.

Maintenance, Support, & Troubleshooting

What happens when something goes wrong? Who's to blame? Who fixes it? How long will the issue persist until it is rectified? Need we ask more? With a trusted security expert, the second an issue is detected with a system, a knowledgeable representative can be there in no-time to get the system operating correctly again.

Honeywell Lyric Security & Home Automation System
Honeywell Lyric Security & Home Automation System

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